Commercial Video & Photography

Do you need a professional promotional video or advertisement for your website or social media presence? Maybe some product photos or glossy shots of your brick and mortar? We’ve got you covered. We offer commercial video & audio as well as commercial photography.

Not for Profit

Special pricing for non-profits, public institutions, B-corps, and other social good organizations! Let’s make the world a better place. Learn more.

Personal Photography

Don’t you wish you could freeze time and hold onto a moment forever? Family portraits, birth photography, sports, boudoir…when you’re ready to look your best, let us know. Digital and film packages available!

Artist Collaboration

Are you an artist looking to promote your work, create a crowdfunding video, music video, or just want to collaborate with an experienced photographer and videographer? Holler.
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An experienced photographer and videographer, Stephen specializes in music videos, promo videos, headshots, product shoots, studio shoots, vintage effects, event photography, and mobile photobooth setups.

An unstoppable force for good, and Stephen’s partner in life and low-level crime, Tallie supports Stephen’s camera addiction and often helps out as a photographer, planner, director, organizer, interviewer, camera assistant, editor, and chef.

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