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Editing Service

We understand that there are many people who either live in rural areas or can’t afford to hire a professional birth photographer. Additionally many people want only a few intimate people in the room to share this special moment. We would like to offer a service that provides an affordable option to transform your amateur birth photography into a more polished, professionally edited collection. Your partner, friends, or birth team can shoot as many photos as they like on phones and other cameras available to you. At your convenience, send us the images for curation and processing. We charge $0.10 per image you send, and $3.00 per image we return edited. Typically we would return about 10% of the images we receive, however, we also encourage you to set a max budget which will help us determine how many to process (i.e. if your budget is $150 for processing, that tells us that we should focus on at most 50 photos). We will only process photos we believe we can significantly improve.


A few weeks before the birth, we chat about this process and you determine a total budget of $350 is a comfortable amount for you to spend, and you send us a deposit of $175. During the labor and birth, your partner and birth team shoot a total of 500 images on two phones and the camera you bought for family vacations, an entry-level DSLR. A few days after the birth when your strength is recovering and you’re blissed out in your babymoon, you gather the images from the various cameras and upload them to the link we provide. This spends $50 of your budget (500 images x $0.10 each), leaving us with a limit of no more than 100 photos for your final collection ($300 / $3 per photo = 100 photos). We look through every photo and curate them down to a collection of 60 photos that we feel are good enough to become part of the final collection. We process these 60 photos one at a time, bringing out the best in each one, and decide to cull an additional 10 photos that are too similar to some others in the collection. We finish with 50 impressive, polished shots and build them into a digital album for you before sending you the link to view, download, and share them, as well as an invoice for the final amount, which is $200 (50 photos x $3.00 each is $150, plus 500 photos x $0.10 each is $50. You’ve already paid $175 in your deposit, so only $25 is due). You share the album on your social media and are overwhelmed with likes, loves, and wows!

Price structure:

$0.10 per image file that you send to us

$3.00 per finished photo that we send to you

Deposit of $100 or half the max budget you set, whichever is the lesser amount.

We encourage you to set a max budget for the whole project, as this will not only give us guidance about how many photos to process, but will also help you avoid a surprise bill at the end!

We’ve put together a small gallery of Before & After shots to showcase our editing style, please view it here!

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Additional services:

Photography coaching and prep session:

If you would like some direct coaching and advice on how to use your camera(s) and prepare your birth space’s lighting to get the most out of your photos, we’re more than happy to have a phone or Skype call with you to talk through the various options and techniques that will help you in the moment. This session is intended for the partner or friend who will be the primary photographer during the birth, not for the birth mother! Trust us, photography will be the last thing on the birth mother’s mind once those contractions start! This coaching session should take place during the 7th or 8th month of the pregnancy so that you’ll have time to practice and prepare.

$75/hr, minimum of 30 mins, rounded to 15 min increments

(e.g. a session that lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes would be billed as 1.5 hrs at $112.50)


If you’re interested in any additional services, such as help with photo printing or photo books, birth video editing, or anything else, just ask! We would love to create a custom package for you.

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